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Donna Keim:                 Silver
Coldwell Banker, Real Estate
Dianne Dewalt:             Silver
Class of 1964
Sam Sanguinito:          Platinum   
Class of 1964
Bonnie Pullo:                 Silver
Class of 1963
Chuck Snyder:                Platinum
Class of 1963
Pamela L Faust:               Silver
God Bless America Class of 1964
Pete Curto:                    Platinum
Class of 1965
Jerry Scheetz:                 Silver
Class of 1967
John Reade:                  Silver
Life's a gas then you pass it
Edward Barrese      Platinum++
Class of 1965
Dom Re:                        Platinum
Class of 1963
JIm Cervasi :              Platinum
Class of 1965
Yvonne Derr May:       Platinum
Class of 1969
John Beitel :                      Silver
Thank you for making this possible  
Les & Barbra Condon Mc Coy   
Platinum  "Freedom isn't free"
S.A.L.Squadron#9 Palmer PA
To Honor all Veterans      Platinum
Robert S. Nelson:       Platinum
" Welcome Home Brother"
Robert Wasser:                Silver
Best of luck attaining your goals
Bill Snyder :                 Class of 1967              Platinum +++       
"For all those that gave their all we shall never forget"
Tom and Peggy Castranova:
Vietnam Veterans of Lehigh
Valley: #415:
American Legion Brown and Lynch Post # 9:
Corrierre road             Platinum ++
Marie Arnts Lee:          Platinum
To honor J Cervasi and S Sanguinito
Ronald S. Possimato: Platinum
Class of 1963
Wayne Schaffer :         Platinum
Lorraina Telepo,  MRP :   
Silver           " God bless our
Keith & Mary Horton :    Gold
"In memory of Chester Worman"
Joan Keller McPeek :  Platinum
Class of 1971
Gloria Fox:                           Gold
Walt & Cathy DiSante: Platinum
Class of 1966 & P'Burg 1967
Myrtle Beach, S.C. :      Platinum
P.T.S.D. Group
Tall Cedars of Lebanon :  Gold    
Daniel Tilli :                           Silver
Class of 1965
Easton Coach Co :         Platinum
Forever grateful to our Veterans
THE LUPI'S -EAHS       Platinum +++
Victor-Class of 61 USCG   Sebastian-Class of 62 USN   John-Class of 64 USN   Anthony-Class of 65 USA        Paul-Class of 67 USA
The Pulli Family:    Platinum +++
Bob & Kathy Anckaitis: Platinum
Class of 1963 & 1966
Bruce & Carmela Muretta:   Platinum
"Never forget EAHS fallen Heroes
Paul Whiting:                       Silver
Class of 1964
Nick Edinger:               Platinum +
Class of 1963
Sisty McGaughey :              Gold
Class of 1963
Philip M & Ellen Hoff:      Silver     
Rich & Gina Grucela & Family:
Class of 1964          Platinum
George L McGaughey  Platinum
Class of 63  "Remember Their Sacrifices"
EAHS Class of 66:        Platinum
In Memory of Terry Rampulla
James Matchette:       Silver     
lass of 1964  9th Infantry Division MP
Anthony Cornetto:      Platinum
Liz Faust :                           Silver    
Class of 1963
Anna,Connie,& Betty Barrese:   Gold
In Honor of  Edward Barrese
Ron Drago - Class of 63 & Cynthia Holden Wimer Class of 64     Platinum
Memory of brother Robert Holden Class of 73 & to honor brave veterans.
Robert L Leblanc :       Platinum
Class of 1963   "Purple Heart"
Rich (66) & Sue Heater:   Platinum      
For my friend Terry Rampulla & all Vets
Evelyn Hanni :          Silver
"Thank you for Serving"
Harry & Teri Gross:        Silver    
"Never forget"
Paul & Pat Fleming :      Silver    
"We shall not forget"
Louie Casciole  :           Gold
"All the Best"  
Barb & Dave Parsons:  Silver    
"Class of 65"
Craig Fox   :                   Gold
Class of 1968  
Ann Baggest Vash:      Silver
Class of 1964
Donna Walp  :           Gold
"Thanks to all Veterans"  
Kevin Prendergast:   USN Retired  Class of 1965     Platinum+++    
"In Honor of All Who Served"
John & Michelle Morello : Platinum +
" Thanks to all Veterans"
Douglas C Snyder :             Platinum
"Class of 1966 - Everyday is Memorial Day"
Morris E. Pysher:         Gold
"Class of 64. Semper Fi"
Susan Wilfinger :             Silver
"In honor of Ken Shiner Class of 59"
"Kenny's proud sister, Sue"
John Borgeson:       Platinum
Class of 1957
Thomas Jefferson High School , 310 Old Clairton Road, Jefferson Hills, PA 15025       Gold +
Donaiton on behalf of Advanced Placement European History Class of 2012 from Thomas Jefferson HS in appreciation of Nick Edinger & Bob Anckaitis
sharing their experiences with my students.
Jay Levin and Sandy Wright : Silver
"we are proud of all who served"
George & Elaine Spence:  Silver
" The wall, is telling all ".
Bill and Carol Neiber : Platinum
'65 "Forever Grateful"
Arthur & Susan Smith :      
Silver    ""Class of 63""
David & Vicky Behn :       Silver    
Thomas and Barbara Joseph:   Gold
"Class of 1962"
Walter DiSante:      Gold
"The Vets from Myrtle beach"
Julia Starke and family :  Platinum
Memory of Robert Starke-Class of 62  
Les & Barb McCoy :         Silver
"In memory of Robert Starke"
Brian Dillman :             Platinum++
"In Honor of Bob Anckaitis and all the men and women who proudly served our
Linda R. Frankenfield:                      Platinum
"In memory of Timothy Frankenfield"  Plainfield Township,Penna.
John Kelleher:                       Platinum   
"In memory of Tommy LaMay and David Breen."
Bob Sandt:              Gold
"Class of 1964, Semper Fi"
Sharon Youngkin:                                      Gold
"Dennis Youngkin SR,Proud that you served, love, your wife Sharon
Raymond & Sherry Bateman
Pete Wells:                           Platinum
For those who served our country, America is grateful"
Joan E. Heilman :       Silver
Roy Shuman :       Platinum +
Class of 64 "Semper Fi"
VFW Memorial Home Association, Nazareth, PA:
John Richetta, and the Ambassador Club of St. Paul's 3rd Lutheran Church:   
Frank Kehm, Jr.:       Platinum
Class of 1969
Patricia Harvey :      Silver   
Thank you for your service
Bruce Goodman :       Platinum
"Class of 63"
J Marshal Wolff  :      Platinum  +  
"Class of 64"
St. Paul's Church, Easton, PA  :      Silver
"In honor of Veterans Day."
In honor of :      Clair "Spider" Cornelius             Gold
John & Kimberlie Shriver, James & Joan Hahn, Robert & Dorothy Rader, Giovanna & Soccorso Calantoni
Keith & Mary Horton :         Silver
To honor "Juni" Worman, US MC Pvt 1st class   
Jay C. Glickman  :      Platinum  
"Class of 63"
Margaret Quinn :    Gold
"Thank you for your Service"
Lynn G.Redcay :    Gold
"Proud DAV member"
Seidel,Cohen,Hof & Reid,LLC Law offices:                     Platinum
"Support for the sacrifices others have made for us"
Wayne L Snyder '61    Carla Chontos Snyder '64  
Joseph & Patricia Glory :     Platinum +++
"Class of 1965"
Jean & Barry Kranich :          Platinum
"Class of 1963, Semper Fi "
Lester W. Pfeffer Post 611          Platinum +++
Sons of Amer. Legion Unit 611
Donna Keim
Dom & Margaret Debona
Anthony & Christine Ballato
Ellsworth Geisler
J&B  Brennan
Rich & Rebecca Werner
Nicole& Vito Niosi
Nancy Scheid
Dan Tilli
J&D Borgeson
Connie Barrese
Ronald & Nancy Bossert
Richard Shupp, Jr
Emily Wetmore
Larry & Virginia Lippincott
Joan & Rich Krablin
H. Michael Swint
In Memory of Robert Sigafoos
Josephine Thomas
              In memory of           Silver
LTC William Anckiaitis
Class of 1955
Mary F. Brey:   Gold
In Honor of  Chester Worman and all vets
Drew M Vargo :              Platinum
"Class of 1965"
Jay Ball:                            Gold
Outstanding memorial from a Vietnam
Vet from CA.